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Carport Product Questions

Delivery & Installation

Churchtown Canopies are registered Construction Online members and take our responsibilities for health and safety seriously. Our Cantilever product has been independently tested for strength and conformity to British Building Regulations

From 1.0M – 3.6M in Cantilever and wider with Lean-To Designs. Contact us for more detail.

We can supply Carports with any Length dependent on your requirements.

The projection’s include the gutter.

GRP is reinforced plastic with weaved glass fibers creating exception strength to weight ratio.

We can supply the Carport beams in a variety of colours. Our standard colour is white. For a small extra charge you can choose from Rosewood (dark brown), Oak or Black.

We can provide any (RAL) colour you choose, although this can only be priced on survey.


Yes. Dependent on the location on the property and property type. If there is not requirement to Raise the height we can use Specialist Steel Brackets which provide additional structural support and prevent damage to the Bungalow wall.

Our standard Carports are designed to be installed with a 2M ground clearance and 1M clearance above. However, we can modify and adapt our design to accommodate other properties. Please contact us to find out more.

We have had our Carports independently tested by structural engineer that included review of design specification and a Load test.

When adding a small detached building, provided that there are no sleeping accommodations and that the floor area is less than 15 square metres, then building regulations normally aren’t a factor, however local regulations may apply depending on your area. Between 15 and 30 square metres of floor area and building regulations still don’t apply as long as there are no sleeping accommodations and it is constructed of substantially non-combustible materials or is at least one metre from any boundary. If required, we can provide free of charge scaled drawings to assist in the application process.

An average Carport we supply is 5M x 2.5M = 12.5 square metres so would not require planning permission and that goes for most domestic requirements. When providing a Quote we will always consider the location and possibility of planning permission using the defined regulations and consideration of the canopies purpose/use.

We supply and install Nationwide, England, Scotland and Wales

Please contact us by
• Calling us 01704-506502 or 07967-847740
• Enquire through our website.

A 10% deposit is required on standard projections and standard colours, then nothing to pay until your carport is fitted and you are completely happy with the installation.

On none standard projections and colours a bigger deposit may be requested.

A Typical Standard Projection Carport i.e. 6m x 2.5m should take between 2 – 5 hours depending on the type of property.  When ordering you will be advised how long the installation will take.

We take pride in our installations and service. We will clear any wastage as a result of the installation. Our fitters all have a brush and a shovel and will always clean up after themselves ensuring you have a positive experience.

Yes. As part of our service we can remove old Canopies for a small charge.Please advise if you require this upon enquiry of a Carport so we can make preparations and arrangements to remove the old one before fitting a new one.

We usually aim to install within 3-4 weeks of your order being placed but if you have a preferable date all effort will be made to accommodate it. It may take us a little longer on none standard carports as the carport will be made especially for you.

In busy periods it may take longer than 3-4 weeks but you will be advised when you place your order.



The carport is strong enough to walk on but we recommend you use a crawler board to evenly spread out the load.  Please ensure your own safety when on top of the shelter or using ladders and if possible have another person with you.

To keep the Carport in pristine condition we recommend from time to time the following cleaning tips

Keep Gutters free from debris, i.e. fallen leaves to ensure water flows directly into the outlet
Any dirt or marks on the supporting beams can be removed using warm water with washing up liquid and a soft cloth
Build up of bird droppings or dirt on the roofing sheets can also be removed using warm soapy water
You may find it easier to use a long handled brush and a step ladder. The carport is strong enough to walk on but we recommend you use a crawler board to evenly spread out the load. Please ensure your own safety when on top of the shelter or using ladders and if possible have another person with you.

Payment is due on completion unless an alternative has been arranged. You can pay by either


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